Apple iSlate Updates

A few updates are in regarding the growing consensus that Apple will call their new tablet iSlate.

Gizmodo has a consolidation of the rumours which say the iSlate will be announced January 26 but not shipped until later in the year (anywhere from March to June is speculated).

Daring Fireball steps in with speculation on what will make the iSlate unique to create a new market. John Gruber thinks there will be some unspecified innovation that will make the iSlate more specialized at first but eventually allow it to be a general purpose replacement for MacBooks. Existing iPhone apps will run as widgets but the interface will be optimized for the screen size.

Paul Bucheit provides a good example of how a tablet could differentiate itself through sharing photos using a gesture interface. Similar device to device capabilities already exist for the iphone in some multiplayer games.

Another speculation is that the islate will also be able to run Mac programs and use the bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

As I have mentioned previously, an intriguing capability would be for the new islate to be able to interact through a new gesture interface with both other islates but also MacBooks as well. Graphic tablet capabilities that work as a standalone device and also in conjunction with a Mac laptop or desktop would help establish a niche for the islate to complement iphones and macBooks. The strength of the islate would be to leverage the graphical interface interaction through gestures not in entering a lot of text which is better suited to a macbook with a keyboard. Typical ebook or web surfing reading, annotating, and archiving could benefit from a gesture interface that could substitute for hotkey functions. I am still hoping for creative capabilities from the gesture interface and not be limited to solely media consumption capabilities. This will likely take some time to evolve as the gesture interface matures.

Update: Another article also mentions the idea of the islate acting as a touchpad for other Apple devices. Seems to be a consensus developing on what people would like the islate to be capable of.

Update2: Ars technica makes some islate predictions. I agree with the sure things but I doubt the cellular capability will be included. What publishing standard will be introduced is intriguing. The more open the better. The unreasonable price and capability references at the end are unfortunate. Software should be the primary differentiator in addition to the advantages of the Apple platform. The innovations could include running Mac and iphone software, gesture UI, and graphic tablet capabilities with apps like Brushes and Hitchcock on a larger screen.

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