Setting up a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) server

Way back in May 2007 there was an article on this blog on how to setup a home network for remote computer support.

If you have done that you’ll also want to install a VNC server like TightVNC which can be downloaded here

Install TightVNC using the default settings which will establish it as a service that starts automatically. You will need to assign a remote access password.

I recommend getting the VNC connection working first by having someone test it from a remote VNC client and then adding more security using Secure Shell (SSH) after you have established that basic remote access is working.

Darren Kitchen from G4 Techtv has posted an article for the full setup of bullet proof remote access that references wikipedia articles providing background on both VNC and SSH.

Once secure remote access is established it is a lot easier to provide remote tech support by being able to see what is happening and show what to do. It can also come in handy if you need to remotely access your computer yourself while on the road.

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