Why ETech is O’Reilly’s Most Important Conference

Why ETech is O’Reilly’s Most Important Conference:

Saul Griffiths’ keynote on Energy Literacy. There’s a lot of hand-wringing about global warming, but finding a solution begins with a solid understanding of the energy ecosystem of the planet. How much energy is coming in? How much do we use? Where does it come from? How big are the alternative sources that we can tap? I’ve seen a version of this presentation before, and it will blow your mind. The challenges we face in kicking the oil and coal habit are huge, and so are the opportunities in reinventing carbon-intensive energy industries. Alex Steffen of WorldChanging takes on the problem from the other end, in Building a Bright Green Future. It’s amazing to see how much creativity and intelligence is being applied to what may just turn out to be the greatest challenge of our age, the make-or-break moment when we decide whether we’ll progress as a species, or fail our graduation exam. I’m counting on you guys to be part of the solution, and I hope these talks give you a really good grounding on what needs to be done.

Check out the 2007 Etech videos for a sample what this conference is all about.

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