Why JooJoo may not critically savage the Apple Tablet

Why JooJoo may critically savage the Apple Tablet

(Via Daring Fireball through Tech Generation Daily.)

Quite the soap opera regarding the introduction of the JooJoo tablet this Friday which was originally conceived as the Crunchpad before the failed partnership. Does the predicted JooJoo failure sour the tablet market for Apple? This can be argued both ways.

Sure it might start additional critical thinking about tablets but it is not like there haven’t been other precedents. It might also have a beneficial affect of serving as a contrast point on what Apple potentially will do differently. It is not like Fusion Garage and Apple have similar assets to bring to the table and it is all pretty speculative how the products will compare.

It is also important to recognize that Apple’s strength is not just a well designed product but equally important is the business model (30-70 split?), integrated services, and platform that support it. This is especially important since we have seen with previous technologies like the VCR that the quantity and quality of content can trump technical specs. To what extent can Apple leverage iTunes and the App store to expand its success into an innovative new platform? I think providing a larger screen has implications beyond just a new form factor as it supports expansion into the ebook market and casual watching of movies and other LP content in new ways.

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