iPad Apps

It will be really interesting what new kinds of apps will be created for the iPad.

I am already jazzed about Omnigroup’s announcement that they will be introducing OmniOutliner and enhanced OmniFocus for the iPad. Omnigraffle touch would be awesome.

Brushes will be great with a bigger screen.

I can’t wait to pay my $30 for iWork touch. Interesting that iBook is not bundled but is a free download.

I really love Seth Godin’s idea for a “digital talking pad” enhanced presentation program that you can more easily navigate and create on the fly.

Web developers have already started publishing ideas on how they can better design to leverage iPad capabilities. This profanity laden article explains(?) that this doesn’t mean that web designs should be designed exclusively for iPad.

I am hopeful that there will be some highly interactive project management tools. This could open up a whole new level of competition between Merlin and Omniplan.

There is so much new stuff coming even at this early stage that multiapplication workflow support will be needed to keep up the momentum.

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