WWDC Dreams Come True

Ted Landau wrote a WWDC summary which almost perfectly expressed my thoughts. I too was impressed how Apple has addressed some longstanding issues of iCloud and app communication. They have also managed to bring together the best evolution of OSX and IOS and still have them retain their strengths.

One very significant item Ted left out was the evolution of photo management which is very hopeful even though iPhoto improvements announced for the Mac are delayed past the next initial release of OSX. Photo management is a difficult problem but Apple has recognized that partial photo streams and storage weren’t sufficient. Upgrading iCloud storage is a breakthrough as making photos accessible beyond the local device storage limitations is hugely important.

Although developer tools don’t provide the flashiest short term publicity they strengthen the platform in the long term by enabling third party developers to add value. In these latest OS releases Apple has provided many ground breaking capabilities for developers to do amazing things with extensibility, continuity, iCloud, and even a new language. I can’t wait to see what my favourite developers will do with these new capabilities.

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