Would you like a glass of Koolaid?

Too much optimism (?) has been compared to a cult where you “drink the Koolaid”. Would you like a glass or two? Oprah source on learning optimism Bounce Back I particularly like the first bounce back point about keep moving forward. Just like in Meet the Robinsons.

Work the System

Sam Carpenter has written a wonderful book about how viewing the world from a system perspective can be a mindset change with far reaching impacts. Simply thinking about the myriad systems in everyday life tends to create a focus on cause and effect that can be very constructive. Recognizing that many different systems are at …

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Finding Motivation

Leo Babauta writes extensively on simplifying to be more productive. A major emphasis is that motivation is a key driver to not only getting things done but more importantly doing the right things that you are truly passionate about. Doing less but doing what really matters. He also has something to say about finding motivation …

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Fine Tune Your Brain

I am not a big fan of self deprecating book or blog titles but “Dumb Little Man” has some excellent content. From a personal system perspective a number of tips on things to do and helpful attitudes are offered to fine tune your brain.

Ken’s Meme Deflector: Entrepreneurs and Their Ideas

Ken’s Meme Deflector: Entrepreneurs and Their Ideas: Entrepreneurs and Their Ideas Michael Cage:Entrepreneurs have ideas, to be sure, but what makes them unique is not the ideas themselves… but the character to act on them in the face of success and failure… family and societal pressures… an educational system designed to %u201Ckill%u201D the entrepreneurial instinct… …

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