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The Fun Theory

Volkswagon has come up with an innovative way of encouraging desirable behavior by applying the theory that people will be willing to do all sorts of things they wouldn’t otherwise if you make it fun. Sounds like a fun experimental project to me.

Be Inventive Like Ben Franklin

Maira Kalman has written a wonderful blog post on the inventiveness of Benjamin Franklin.I really like the excerpt from Ben Franklin’s journal. In addition to being early to rise – it is all about blocking out work and reflecting on objectives as a habit. Here’s to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

Presidential Nerd Credentials

John Hodgman on the new president’s nerd credentials.

Farm Fresh to you and keep it that way

Some useful tips on how to store fruits and vegetables so they keep fresh and appetizing and also some ideas on how to prepare them are provided at the link below. Fruit and Vegetable storage and preparation tips Keep your fridge at just above freezing (1-2 °C ; 32-36 °F) and use perforated or sealed…

Plan and Work

“ Peale, Norman Vincent quote – Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan…. via kwout “

Signs of the Times

There is a lot of doom and gloom in the media these days with a lot of references to the great depression even though articles that try to be factual about actual economic measurements show that the statements that they are similar are not valid. The following signs that are getting some attention at least…

Technology’s amazing, nobody’s happy

Good to be reminded (or informed if you haven’t been through it) from time to time how far things have progressed. High expectations have been created by the near magical capabilities that we are becoming used to. YouTube – Everything’s amazing, nobody’s happy: “” (Via Conan O’Brien Show.) Here is another humorous technology example using…

World’s Greatest Business Mind

In case you missed the recent’s greatest business mind

Nothing clears the air like mother in laws tongue and money plant

three-plants-that-give-you-better-indoor-air Seems these are the best bets for indoor air quality during the stuffy winter weather so we should get some.

Birth Order Affects Personality?

Some time ago I saw a documentary on the effects of birth order on personality and I always wanted to get the associated book since I found it interesting how so many of the traits mentioned seemed to be prevalent. Well I did a search today and this is a popular subject of many books….