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Dream AND Do

James Clear has written some excellent articles and his recent one in Entrepreneur on persistence has a valuable perspective which you should read. He writes: “How do creative geniuses come up with great ideas? They work and edit and rewrite and retry and pull out their genius through sheer force of will and perseverance. They…

Keep Moving Forward

The motto of Sharp Innovation Solutions Inc. is to “Keep Moving Forward”. Over on the Blog of Impossible Things there is a quote by Martin Luther King Jr. to do that with whatever you have to work with.


My philosophy: Entrepreneurship, at its heart, is aligning your purpose for being on earth with a business idea so compelling that you must do it, despite the fears that hold you back. Pamela Slim – Author of Escape from Cubicle Nation

Don’t Worry Be Happy

from Mental_Floss: 10 Fabulous and Funny Flowcharts Go with the flow(chart) and either do something about the issue or don’t worry about it.

Does The Strangest Secret Work?

Earl Nightingale wrote about The Strangest Secret ( full audio version) and how you can become part of the top 5% through your thinking and fully realizing that the best things in life truly are free. The message about the importance of your thoughts is also made in the book As a Man Thinketh by…

Focused Goals

I am a proponent of goal setting but I recognize that a lot of people, including myself at times, struggle with setting goals because it can sometimes not be easy to deal with personal and important items. There are numerous books all about how to deal with internal struggles which Seth Godin calls confronting the…