Protect Democracy by Being an Informed Voter

Information access and research are important to ensure democracy can function. There is a need to combat apathy and get people out to make an informed vote.

We shouldn’t take democracy for granted. People have risked their lives for it and it is threatened every day by secrecy and backroom deals.

Harper, the Tories and control
Kill the Messengers is published by HarperCollins
Ottawa Citizen
Jan 2 2015

Q How has information control evolved under Harper? A It’s part corporate news management and part resentment among Conservatives of the old Reform Party of what they see as an elite press. Q What is corporate news management? A It’s not doing…read more…

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The referenced book,
“Kill the Messengers: Stephen Harper’s Assault on Your Right to Know”
targets the Conservative government but the Liberals have also raised questions about their undemocratic procedures for selecting riding representatives.

The next federal election is targeted for October 2015.

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